Aptitude vs. Competency: Do You Have Them Both?

Requirements in the job market are no longer as simple as they used to be. The candidate that has the most experience is no longer a shoe-in for the job. Nowadays, candidates must have aptitude and competency along with other qualifying factors. Aptitude and competency are not the same nor are they interchangeable in any way.

Aptitude vs. Competency

Aptitude is a natural ability to do something. It is a skill set that the candidate already has to perform a specific job. Some people are fit to be auto mechanics, for example, and other people just don’t understand the schematics of an automobile. Competency is executed aptitude. It is the ability to carry out a specific job task with a high level of efficiency. A person can have a natural ability to be an auto mechanic but still not be competent in the job.

Aptitude and Competency Testing

Employers are starting to take aptitude and competency tests on their prospects instead of just aptitude tests during these times. The competency tests go deep into questioning to find out if the candidate can handle the duties if the employer takes a chance on the person. Some of the employers allow new employees to take the competency tests within a certain amount of time after they get hired, but it is usually during their probationary periods.

The Win Formula

Modern job applicants truly had to have it together to get jobs in any field. The number of people who are competing against each other for positions is magnificent. A good approach is to take aptitude and competency testing beforehand and have the scores available to attach to the initial resume along with a recommendation from a relevant employer. It is still possible to snag a job even during these competitive jobs. However, applicants must make sure that they have a positive edge.

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