Tips for More Confidence When at Work

You wish you could be the one leading the presentation or the conference call, the one who gets multiple invitations to lunch each week and gets the big assignments and thus the big paycheck. However, that’s just not you. You tend to stick to yourself, quietly getting your work done.

You wish you were more confident at work, but you don’t even know where to start. Stumped? Try these tips.

Begin by fixing your posture. You already know the way you walk can make you seem more or less confident. Now science is backing that up with the way you sit, too. Think about it. If you’re sitting tall and proud, aren’t you more likely to feel proud? If you’re slouching and slumping, you may feel small and unimportant.

Strengthen your bonds with others around the office. If you’re the type who’s jealous of that coworker who always has someone to go to lunch with, become just like them. Chat with others and go to a happy hour or two after work. Of course, avoid gossiping or making negative remarks, which can have the opposite effect of what you want.

Update your wardrobe. When’s the last time you shopped for new work clothes? It can be easy to accumulate a bunch of drab, colorless clothes for each day at the office. Ditch those and buy some outfits that make you feel bold and brave. Of course, make sure you stick to your office’s dress code while you shop.

Get better at making casual remarks during conference calls, meetings, and other gatherings. If you have an opinion or idea, let your coworkers and boss know. Over time, the more you do this, the more comfortable you’ll feel speaking, which could lead to you being able to present your ideas in a bigger fashion.

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