Career Advice

4 Great Reasons to Make a Career Change

Job Search Force January 12, 2018

Whether a person has been employed in the same line of work for six months or six years, it's not uncommon for a career change to take place. Sometimes, the career change is forced. Other times, the person simply wants to switch things up and try out something new.

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3 Important Social Media Tips

Job Search Force December 10, 2017

More than ever before, the Internet is a huge presence in the lives of everyone. One of the biggest 'changes' in the past few years has been the surge of social media. It seems you can't play a game without first connecting to Facebook,television shows encourage you to Tweet about what has happened and Pinterest is the first place people turn when looking for a recipe.

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3 Bad Speech Habits That Are Ruining Your Interviews

Job Search Force November 14, 2017

Your resume is stellar, your recommendations are glowing, and you said all the right things during your latest interview. Why, then, didn't you get the job? Vocal fry and other speech issues may be destroying your credibility. Detailed below are a few common vocal habits that turn off employers:

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How To Avoid Depression During a Job Search

Job Search Force October 11, 2017

Transitioning out of a career you have held for a long time can be an upheaval. This is especially true if the transition was not a planned one. During the time of a job loss an individual can experience many emotions, few of them positive. So how do you avoid depression during this time of change and uncertainty?

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Brush Up On Writing and Proofreading Skills To Improve Resume

Job Search Force September 12, 2017

Resumes can be a daunting aspect of a job search. One of the reasons for this is because, in order to create a great resume, you need to have great writing and proofreading skills. The truth is many people do not have very strong skills in this area. If you are struggling with your resume, brushing up on your writing and proofreading could be just the trick to get that resume complete.

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