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3 Fulfilling Jobs to Consider

Job Search Force 25 November, 2019

Your job should give you more than a paycheck. Considering the amount of time you spend working, it's fair to say that you should get something out of it that enhances your quality of life, builds self-esteem or contributes to the betterment of the world in general. Here are three job ideas that fulfill those needs.

Working At An Animal Shelter

Working at an animal shelter can be a fulfilling experience that will make you more compassionate and loving. Many animal rescue centers in towns need extra help to clean the dog kennels, feed the dogs, and take them on walks while they wait to be adopted. An added bonus is that many animal shelter jobs have low requirements to apply. 

Working in Antarctica

Many people would consider janitorial positions to be a basic job, but believe it or not, even stations at the end of the world need somebody to clean their toilets.  If you’re not the science type but still interested in seeing what’s going on in Antarctica, you can apply for one of the many janitorial, cooking, or maintenance jobs at McMurdo base in Antarctica. A job like this will make you see the world in a different light.

Working on a Fishing Trawler

If you’re looking to see how far your limits are, you could try working on a fishing trawler. This job will test your limits and make you feel like a real man or woman. Positions like these come with decent pay, too, depending on how much fish is caught during each trip. Prepare for many sore limbs and cramped living conditions, but at least you’ll have a new respect for your physical capabilities. You can easily acquire a job on a fishing trawler in locations like Seattle and Alaska where they will recruit en masse at the start of the new season. After your season is done you will have experienced life on the fresh open seas and feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

When you consider that work is something that contributes to an overall goal, isn't it better to do a job where you're also helping others or yourself? These three jobs are just some ideas to consider. As you start looking inward as to how you'd like to help the world, no doubt you'll come up with even more fulfilling job possibilities!