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How to Fix Your Online Reputation Before Applying for a Job

Job Search Force 24 May, 2019

A good online reputation will increase your chances of landing a good job. Following are step by step guidelines that can help you brush up your online image in order to impress potential employers.

Check Yourself Out

Log out of your Google account and then Google yourself online. Check the first two or three pages of search results to see what information potential employers will find about you. Don't panic if you find negative information about yourself, as you can ask Google to remove it for you.

Edit Your Social Media Accounts

Look through your social media accounts and delete any compromising posts, pictures, shares and likes. While there is a chance that some compromising information has already been shared on other accounts, editing your social media accounts drastically reduces the likelihood of being turned down for a job based on your social media activity.

Adjust Privacy Settings on Social Media Accounts

You probably have information on your social media account that you want to keep private but that doesn't warrant deletion. Adjust your privacy settings so that this information cannot be viewed by potential employers. Be sure to adjust the privacy settings on both your computer and mobile phone apps.

Add Positive Information

Now that you've addressed negative information about yourself, it's time to build a positive online reputation. Create a LinkedIn profile if you don't already have one and use it to showcase your educational qualifications and past job experiences. Use Facebook to showcase yourself in a professional light by posting not only positive job information but also positive information about yourself, hobbies and family life.

Fixing your online reputation is a must, especially if there is a lot of competition for the job you want to apply for. Use the guidelines above to ensure that employers find only positive information about you when doing an online search about you. Doing so will help you make good progress in the career of your dreams.