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How to Turn Your Job Loss Into a Positive Experience

Job Search Force 20 January, 2020

If you are struggling through a job loss currently, don't give up hope just yet. Even a job loss can be turned into a positive experience. The key is all in your mindset about the situation. It's all about perspective. 

Find Something to Be Grateful For

Gratitude practice, even in the midst of something challenging, can be a powerful tool to help us deal with difficult circumstances. The truth is, there really is always something you can be grateful for. Did you learn important skills while at your last job? You can be grateful for that. Are you figuring out ways to stay afloat despite a job loss right now? You can be grateful for that. Even simply being grateful for the health to keep looking for a job is a great thing to show gratitude for. The practice of gratitude can really, literally change your outlook on life. 

Start A New Chapter

Sometimes it takes something seemingly tragic to jumpstart us to a new phase in life. Your job loss could be just the jumpstart you needed to move beyond your comfort zones and out into new territory. Instead of focusing on what you have lost, you could focus on what you can gain through the new experiences you are about to enter into. Take note of the new people and new opportunities that are coming your way because of the job loss. Write these down if you need to help remind yourself that you are still on an exciting journey called life, and great things are still coming your way. 

Change is often difficult. It can really be difficult if we were not planning on the change. Often a job loss hits us out of nowhere. Although feelings of sadness and loss are normal, you don't need to stay stuck in those feelings. Take some time each day to show some gratitude, and take an evaluation of the exciting new chapter you are now entering into.