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How to Work Efficiently at Home During the Pandemic

Job Search Force 23 April, 2020

 Are you still struggling to adjust to working from home? If so, the following tips can help you manage your workload in an efficient, productive manner.

Create an Effective Schedule

Create a work schedule that works well for you and your employer. In some cases, this may mean going to bed early and getting up early to work uninterrupted before the kids get up. In other cases, you may need to set aside a certain number of hours to work, get rid of distractions that would impede you and get the job done. Stick to your schedule so your boss knows when to count on you to deliver work projects and you know when you'll have time for other activities. 

Get Dressed

Get dressed even if you don't have a virtual meeting scheduled. Working in pajamas may feel relaxing but the goal isn't to relax; it's to get a job done. 

Set up a Professional Work Area for Zoom Meetings

Are you meeting your boss, colleagues, or potential customers via a virtual meeting? If so, prepare ahead of time by tidying up your room so those you're meeting with don't see clothes and/or debris lying around. Dress as you would when attending an in-person meeting. Eat and drink your coffee before the meeting to avoid spilling food/drinks on your computer. 

Take Care of Yourself

Take good care of yourself, so you'll have the health and energy you need to do your job right. Eat healthy foods and keep junk food and alcohol consumption to a minimum. Set aside time to exercise at least several times a week. Get enough rest every night, so you'll be able to think clearly the next day.

A good work from home routine can save you and your colleagues a lot of time and frustration. Take time to organize your schedule and discipline yourself, so you'll be able to handle your workload while caring for your personal life and family. Doing so will enable you to be productive even as you work in less than ideal circumstances.