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Why it is Important to Interview Companies and Not Just Have Them Interview You

Job Search Force 22 April, 2019

Many job seekers are in a mad rush to get a job. Unfortunately, this leaves some taking the first job that makes a “doable” offer. While that can be somewhat demoralizing. It can also have a devastating and lasting impact on your career options in the future.

One thing candidates often forget during the interview process is that this is also your opportunity to learn more about whether you want to work for this company and not just for them to decide whether they want to work with you or not. These are just a few reasons it’s important to turn the tables during your interview and interview the interviewers.

Creates an Opportunity to Learn about the Company Culture

Company culture is important. It’s certainly not something you can really see in a printed brochure or other public relation materials. Ask pointed question about what a day in the office will be like and why they believe you should work for their company.

Increases their Opinion of You

While many candidates will ask mildly mannered questions, bolder questions about the company, the work, and opportunities for advancement stand out and will get you remembered. In fact, turning the interview around to interview the company lets them know you think outside the box and reveals as much about you as the answers you provided to the questions they asked.

Prevents You from Becoming Stuck

Whether this is your first job or a mid-career move, the idea of getting stuck in one position for the next 20 or so years can be toxic. You want to make sure there are opportunities for advancement. That the company promotes from within. And that the company values opportunities for growth and advancement. Ask questions that allow you to find out just how committed the company is to your development.

You don’t have to be adversarial when going through the process, but asking the right questions during your interview can help you decide if an organization is right for you.